Juliet Lai is a fine art photographer/printmaker from Los Angeles who has focused her work on landscape, architectural, and street photography. For the past few years, her passion has slowly evolved into exploration of derelict locations, and in a moment of frozen time, she documents the remnants of its grandeur in their gradual decay.  Her work has also included solemn locations, i.e. Holocaust concentration camps, capturing the haunting residual atmosphere. 

 She has utilized the Pentax 645N and Hasselblad 501CM to capture, at times, lengthy exposures on Ilford Delta 100 film allowing her moments of reflection especially during extreme low lighting situations. Recently she has expanded her equipment to include the Fuji GFX 50S and Pentax 645Z for commercial digital work and incorporation to a portion of the Argyrotype workflow. Another pleasure of hers is working in the B&W darkroom savagely producing silver gelatin prints to its possible perfection. In between time, she has refined the Argyrotype process to her satisfaction through experimentation.